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Kolbe discovered the secret to what makes people tick – the instincts that drive individual and group behaviors. Our validated assessments help you learn your conative strengths, and how these innate strengths fit into jobs, relationships, and on teams. Conation -- the power behind performance – determines your M.O. (modus operandi), and the true culture of any group.

We discovered how you can tap into the deeply imbedded part of the brain that determines HOW you will make decisions – NOT what you wish you would do or have been taught to do.

Kolbe is based on an innovative theory that has been proven accurate. 

Kolbe has a vast set of simple assessments, practical guides and highly rated training programs to help you maximize the conative strengths of the people on your team and in your life. We invite you to learn about how you can leverage Kolbe Wisdom™ in your life or business today.

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Kolbe Certified™ Consulting

What is Kolbe?

Kolbe's mission is to help people succeed by having the freedom to be themselves.

 The innovative diagnostic and prescriptive programs provide solutions for:

  • making the right personal decisions
  • helping groups thrive
  • increasing your bottom line

Make better decisions

 There's a part of the mind that you don't hear a lot about. It's what some people call "instincts" or that "gut feeling" when you're making a decision. Our secret: we know what natural strengths — instincts — you were born with, and how you can use those instincts to be the most productive, stress-free version of yourself.  

Have people in the right seats

   Identify which talents are a natural fit for a particular job and how the job holder perceives the requirements for success in that role.   

 Kolbe solutions don’t just identify the cause of team productivity problems—they deliver strategies to solve them that are based on the real metrics of your team. 

Improve communication

Be more effective by knowing how others perceive your message.  We all take in and say things differently- even though we are communicating the same thing.

More effective delegation

 Pinpoint sources of conflict.

Clearly delegate the desired results in a way they can be understood and accomplished.

Have better relationships

Bring more joy and less stress to your relationships.

Discover how you and your partner click.

Programs for business partners and customized advice for couples.


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